Kayvu Overview

The Kayvu email marketing service was designed with familiarity, usability and email marketing best practices in mind, offering the fastest and easiest way to build your subscriber database, create beautiful email marketing campaigns and analyze the results through a variety of powerful reports.


The look and feel of Kayvu was inspired by standard email clients, making you feel immediately at home with the system. Building your subscriber database and crafting professional email marketing campaigns is as easy as it gets.

Kayvu Campaign Development
Kayvu allows you to create, test and send first-rate email marketing campaigns.


Usability was the main focus during the development of Kayvu. All sections and screens are hand-crafted for the best possible user experience, allowing you to do your job without unnecessary friction or distractions.

Kayvu Subscriber Profiles
Kayvu helps you build a subscriber database with any number of custom profile fields.

Best Practices

Kayvu guides even first-time email marketers through the process of creating, testing and delivering email marketing campaigns with full support for best practices, including permission, privacy, testing and deliverability.

Kayvu Tracking and Reporting
Kayvu makes it easy to assess the success of your campaigns through powerful reports.

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Kayvu Trial

Take a test drive and sign up for a Kayvu trial. Setting up an account only takes a few minutes of your time. For more details about the pre-release program, make sure to read the Terms of Service (beta).

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