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Kayvu is designed for small and medium-sized organizations who want to achieve the benefits of opt-in email marketing. The hosted service allows you to start small and grow over time and guides you through all the steps of executing professional email marketing campaigns.

Simpler, Smarter and Better Email Marketing

  • Kayvu allows you to start on a small scale and grow your email marketing campaigns over time.
  • Kayvu only requires basic email marketing knowledge. The user interface is hand-crafted to guide and help you learn.
  • Kayvu is full-featured, yet easy to learn. You can gain measurable email marketing results quickly and easily.
  • Kayvu provides simpler, smarter and better email marketing. You get built-in support for email marketing best practices.

Kayvu Tutorial
Kayvu helps and guides you through the steps of executing email marketing campaigns.

Kayvu Tracking Report
Kayvu allows you to gain measurable results quickly and easily.

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Take a test drive and sign up for a Kayvu trial. Setting up an account only takes a few minutes of your time. For more details about the pre-release program, make sure to read the Terms of Service (beta).

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